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These beautiful ceramic orchid pots provide the proper aeration that orchids need to thrive and grow healthy root systems. In nature, orchids grow in trees where their roots get lots of moist air. In these orchid pots, our best quality orchid potting mixes hold the right amount of moisture, while the decorative vents provide good air movement around the roots.

Ceramic orchid pots are unglazed on the inside so they can breathe, while the outside has a beautiful glazed finish in many colors. All pots come with a matching saucer and FREE clear plastic liner pot with slots for aeration. Select your favorite color and shape upon checkout.

“I would like to thank you for the speedy delivery of my order. Above this, I want to thank you for your service and attention to making a customer feel good. As my husband said when we opened the box, we'll send all our business your way and make sure our other orchid friends are aware of your service. We're happy and I'm sure my orchids will be happy very soon in their new pots."

Susan Hansen